Paperwork. Made easy.

Complete cash journal, payments, preparatory bookkeeping and much more within the Zeitgold app – anywhere and at anytime

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Zeitgold Box

Do your paperwork on the fly

The Zeitgold app covers all areas of your business’s finance processes so you have full control over your paperwork

Cash journal

Digital, real-time and compliant cash journal - no more chaos at the end of each day

Preparatory Bookkeeping

Zeitgold automates your preparatory bookkeeping

Document archive

Your paperwork will be digitally archived and GoBD compliant. In the app, you have access to all documents at any time.


Pay open invoices in a few clicks from the app


Manage your personnel master data and pay your employees with a tap in the app.

Quick & Secure

Fast to use - freeing up your time, and giving you full control over your data.

I get my paperwork done easily and quickly thanks to Zeitgold.”
– Sandra, Owner & Founder Meierei
Zeitgold has taken the hassle out of paperwork – making it quick to do easy to understand”
– Sandra, Meierei

Do your paperwork in 3 easy steps

Get your paperwork done in 3 steps

We collect your paperwork

Put all your documents including invoices, receipts and contracts into the Zeitgold Box. We collect the box weekly with a courier

We digitalise and automate

Within 24 hours we digitise, archive and automate all your paperwork.

You complete your paperwork in the app

Find all your documents in the Zeitgold app and get your office work down faster and more structured.

Zeitgold Box und App

Zeitgold empowers bars, cafés and restaurants in all of Germany

We organize your paperwork so that you get your office work done faster.

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The future of paperwork is here

Use Zeitgold to get your paperwork done more easily and more efficiently.