Your business perfectly organized

How Zeitgold saves you time and nerves


Zeitgold breaks down complex processes and helps you intuitively make the right decision


The Zeitgold app prepares and structures your paperwork so that nothing gets lost


Always stay in control of your month-end closing - in a lot less of the time


More time for the important things

Small business owners in Germany spend up to 10 hours a week with their paperwork. All too often minutes become hours and another day is wasted on filing, copying and sorting papers.

With Zeitgold you do it all much faster with just a tap of a finger: From paying invoices to hiring new employees, you do it all in the app. And the preparatory bookkeeping gets done automatically in the background.

We simplify the processes that your paperwork brings with it. Everything is made simple so that you can enjoy more time for the really important things in life.

A smart partner

Dealing with paperwork means dealing with deadlines, tax laws and more. Too easily things get forgotten or lost which in many cases means losing or missing out on money.

The Zeitgold app checks documents for completeness and reminds you of important to-dos and deadlines. Short and precise explanations help you to complete everything correctly and on time.

With Zeitgold staying on top of your paperwork is as easy as never before. We’ve got your back.


Carefree bookkeeping

Doing the cash journal by hand, copying receipts, typing in IBANs into the online banking… all with the light fear in the back of your head if everything has been done correctly. Office work is tedious and ever so often there’s chaos at the end of the month.

We digitize, organize and automate your documents so you can access them whenever you need. An intelligent To-Do list breaks down tasks into the essentials so that you can complete them easily.

The Zeitgold app helps you bring structure into your paperwork so that you are always in full control.

The future of paperwork is here

Use Zeitgold to finish your office work easier and more efficient.