Product & Design

Understand. Envision. Create.

We create products that help small business owners become significantly more productive.

The Product & Design team creates easy-to-use solutions that solve real customer problems, based on a deep understanding of the needs of small businesses and a vision that challenges the way administrative work has been done in the past.

You’ll work with a talented cross-functional team to lead the entire product lifecycle including customer research, ideation, testing, development, launch, and iteration.

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Learn about the backgrounds and motivations of Zeitgolders

I work with a talented team to find the best ways to solve problems for our customers by improving our product. Previously I worked on different software products that help make administrative tasks more easy for small business owners, including accounting, payroll, and payments.

I joined Zeitgold because it’s a fantastic team that is focused on tackling an ambitious problem to make it intuitive to successfully run a small business.


VP Product

I design the user experience for the product our customers‘ use. We create the best experience for our customers both in terms of structure and graphic design. I originally come from advertising and used to be an Art Director in several advertising agencies in Israel, working on local and international projects.

At Zeitgold I love working on our app as it challenging and I am able to explore a variety of creative ideas along the way.