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As the People & Culture team, we are are the product managers of our company culture. Whether Zeitgolders are writing code or communicating with our customers, we build stellar teams, empower every individual and provide them with the tools to fulfill their potential.

How we work

As part of our team, you will embody our cultural cornerstones, engage with candidates and employees, and are a close thought partner to all sides of the business. You will work to create an environment where all employees feel encouraged to grow and be successful in their role.

Stories from our People & Culture team

Learn about the backgrounds, daily lives and motivations of Zeitgolders in People & Culture

I support Zeitgold by hiring incredibly talented new Zeitgolders. My personal aim is to give candidates a warm and welcoming feeling during the interview but also to challenge them and to make them see new sides of themselves. I have a degree in International Studies and experience in a wider range of industries such as private equity, aid development and in a music label. Music is also my passion next to traveling.

After I lived for a couple of years in London, I moved to Berlin working as a headhunter before I switched to Zeitgold. For me working at Zeitgold is a new working experience as every Zeitgolder goes above and beyond to make our customers successful.

People & Culture Lead

I grew up on the Colombian Caribbean Coast, 9013 km away from Berlin.  After getting a bachelor’s degree in political science as well as a master’s degree in Latin American Studies with a strong focus on social and economic development and working on my own social project, I started looking for an opportunity where I could combine my strong social interests with business challenges within a fast growing company. Zeitgold was exactly what I was looking for!

What I love about the People & Culture team at Zeitgold is the diversity of our backgrounds. We don’t have a classical understanding of HR that is limited to admin and recruiting work, but we see a holistic picture of how to shape an outstanding company culture. Our diverse past working experience helps us to approach this topic from various angles and we constantly learn from each other.

People & Culture Associate

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