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We create products that help small business owners become significantly more productive.

Who we are

The Product & Design team creates easy-to-use solutions that solve real customer problems, based on a deep understanding of the needs of small businesses and a vision that challenges the way administrative work has been done in the past.

How we work

You’ll work with a talented cross-functional team to lead the entire product lifecycle including customer research, ideation, UX & UI design, testing, development, launch, and iteration. Our cross-functional teams are each centered around a feature of our product and include Engineers, Designers and Product Managers.

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I studied Strategic Communication Planning and Research and entered the Berlin startup scene right after I finished my degree. First as a Product Manager, before following my love for User Research & Design. After 8 years at the same company, from joining as employee #2 to a successful IPO, I was ready for new challenges.

I fell in love with Zeitgold’s mission and the amount of juicy problems we can still solve for our amazing customers. I’m honored to grow our research and design practice to enable us to create the best possible product and service, based on a shared empathy for our customers and a great environment for designers to do their best work in. I’m inspired every day by our smart, thoughtful and warm-hearted team, and the amazing energy in our office.

Director of Product Design

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