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Sandra takes care of all her paperwork via app

Meierei – Sandra
Sandra, Meierei, Berlin

Want to be like Sandra? Find out if Zeitgold is right for your business

Your team of Zeitgold experts will take care of everything for you!

  • Accounting

    We handle all your accounting work for you – this includes bookkeeping, tax prep and cash book entries.

  • Invoices

    Pay your bills via our app with one single click. We'll send you reminders when they're due.

  • Payroll

    We take care of your payroll accounting including social security contributions and tax office declarations.

  • Archive

    All your digital documents are GoBD-compliant and can be searched for and downloaded easily withing the App.

Small business owners all over Germany trust Zeitgold

Testimonial Meierei

„I used to feel constantly overwhelmed – especially when faced with my cash book and the monthly squaring of accounts. Thanks to Zeitgold, all of this is now done automatically. I can use my time much more wisely and have been able to expand the catering side of my business and even make time for yoga again. It feels so great to have everything 100% under control!”

Sandra, Meierei
Serving food specialties from the Alps in Berlin

How it works

  1. You receive a Zeitgold box

    We send you our Zeitgold box, into which you can place all of your accounting paperwork.

  2. We pick up the box

    Once a week we'll pick up the Zeitgold box from your business location.

  3. We scan, scan, scan

    Our team scans and archives all your paperwork in a safe and secure way.

    GoBD konform
  4. Zeitgold takes the hard work off your hands

    Your personal Zeitgold team of experts handles all the work for you.

  5. Authorize invoices via app and have your documents with you on the go

    Zeitgold creates a to-do list for you in the app which helps you manage invoices and authorize them with one simple click.

    You have full access to all your documents, bills and outstanding outgoing invoices.

  6. Advance tax return, annual financial reports and tax declarations

    Your designated tax advisor will supply you with your advance tax return, annual financial reports and business assessment. He will coordinate everything directly with Zeitgold.

Stop wasting your weekends on paperwork and start doing the things you love

With Zeitgold you'll never have to:

  • Do your own bookkeeping
  • Fill out your cash book manually
  • Transfer payments via online banking
  • Spend time running after clients who owe you money
Save over 10 hours of your precious time each week

Your team of Zeitgold experts is always there to help you!

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Our experience shows: in 90% of cases we cost less than all the other options out there.

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