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Zeitgold digitizes your documents and archives them in compliance with GoBD – but not only that. Our technology also automates your preparatory bookkeeping. You get everything done faster than ever before, from the cash journal through bill payments and employee management to payroll. What does that mean for you? More time for the essentials and full control of your business dealings.

Cash Journal

You keep the Zeitgold cash journal directly in the app. All revenues and expenses are entered with just a few clicks – no updating at the end of the day, no chaos. The app completes the daily accounts for you automatically and immediately displays any errors. So you leave work in the evening with no worries.

Preparatory Bookkeeping

Zeitgold digitizes your documents and prestructures bookkeeping tasks for you. Using a to-do-list, you complete everything step-by-step via the app. Zeitgold transfers all the documents and invoice data to your tax advisor at the end of the month, who then efficiently closes out the month.


Pay bills in seconds. Zeitgold saves you the tedium of online banking, typing in IBAN numbers and entering TAN numbers. You will find all the receivables in the app, neatly sorted by due date. And thanks to the automatic reminder function, you will not miss any more deadlines.

Employee Management

Zeitgold is your mobile personnel file. Manage master data directly in the app and register new team members at a click. As soon as you have entered an employee, the immediate notification to the tax office is automatically triggered. And salaries? You also pay them by app.

Document Archive

Imagine a life without file folders. Zeitgold archives your documents and invoices ready for audit in the app – digitally and retrievable in seconds thanks to a search function. Then Zeitgold links all invoices and receipts with booking transactions in your bank and checks them to ensure they are complete.

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