All your paperwork fully under control

Our features cover all organizational areas of your company

✓ Month-end closing

✓ Cash journal

✓ Payments

✓ Employees

✓ Document archive

✓ To-Do list

All areas of your business covered

Your daily business is always varied – but no matter what’s pending, the Zeitgold app has always got your back

Monthly closing

Don’t worry about a thing! Zeitgold prepares your complete preparatory bookkeping for the tax adviser.

How it works? Every week our courier collects all your documents and bills from you. We digitise, extract and archive them and our tax consultant partner sends you monthly your BWA.

Cash journal

No more annoying cash journal by hand – with the Zeitgold app you have your digital cashbook 100% GoBD compliant and always ready on call.

When actions in the cash register happen you pull your mobile phone and register the procedure.  After the last guest leaves you simply end the day off. If an error occurs, the app will tell you directly


Whem Paying bills suddenly becomes fun: No more ollecting receipts, remembering deadlines or typing in IBANs. With Zeitgold, you can easily do everything within the app.

You have a structured overview of your account balance at all times and any invoices due are displayed in a liquidity-optimized manner.


An HR tool so convenient that it fits in your pocket. You simply register new employee master data with the practical step-by-step instructions. You have all the data in the app and can modify it at any time.

It’s just as easy to pay wages and salaries: just click to activate the payment.

Start the day perfectly organized

Your daily business is always varied – but no matter what’s pending, the Zeitgold app has always got your back

Document archive

Zeitgold is your digital file cabinet. We digitise and archive your documents, prepare them for you in the app and assign them to the correct business transactions.

In the app you are in full control: Print documents as needed or forward them by mail. With the full text search function you can find the right documents quickly and easily.

To-Do list

Gone are the days when office work meant chaos. We reduce your tasks to their essentials, and you complete them directly and comfortably in the app.

Useful tips help you to bring structure into your paperwork. Thus, nothing remains at the end of the month, so you can start relaxed into the next one.

Bring your paperwork into the 21st century

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