Get all of your paperwork done easily.

Cash journal

Your digital cash journal - no chaos at the end of the day.

Employee management

Manage personell files and pay wages directly from within the app.

Preparatory Bookkeeping

Completely automated every month on basis of your digital files.

Document archive

No more scanning, copying and sorting. We digitise all your documents.


Pay open invoices with just a tap in the app, no tedious typing of IBANs.

Data security

We digitise your files compliant and with multiple backups.

All you paperwork simply done.

With Zeitgold your documents, invoices and receipts aren’t just digitised but also automated. That means that you can get your preparatory bookkeeping done faster than ever.

Your cash journal, invoices and employee management are all just as easy, just do it all from within the app. This gets you off of your paperwork more quickly and get you back in control of your business.

Digital cash journal

You no longer need to complete your cash journal with pen and paper – with the Zeitgold app you have your digital cash journal always with you. When movements in the cash register happen, you just pull your mobile phone and register the activity. After the last guest has left, you simply close the day.

Register movements in the cashier directly

No chaos at the end of the day


Preparatory Bookkeeping

No more scanning, copying and filing: Our courier picks up your unsorted documents every week and we digitise, automate and archive it all for you. In less than 24 hours you will then find all your documents again in your Zeitgold app. Your preparatory bookkeeping is done on basis of your digitised documents automatically. After that, your tax advisor can easily finish your bookkeeping.

No scanning, copying or sorting

Reminders for missing documents

Structured and easy to do

Employee management

An HR tool so convenient that it fits into your pocket. You simply register new employee with convenient step-by-step instructions and can update it at any time. And it’s never been easier to pay wages and salaries: Just click to process the payment.

Manage and pay all your employees

Digital personnel master data

Complete immediate-registrations from within the app


When Paying bills suddenly becomes fun: No more collecting receipts, remembering deadlines or typing in IBANs. With Zeitgold, you can easily do everything with the app. The app provides you with a structured overview of your account balance at all times and any invoices due are organised in a liquidity-optimised way.

Keep your balance in check

Pay invoices directly from within the app

Liquidity-optimised payments

Document archive

Zeitgold is your digital file cabinet. We digitise and archive your documents, organise them for you in the app and link them with the correct business transactions. The app gives you the ultimate control: Print documents as needed or forward them by email. With the full text search function you can find the right documents quickly and easily.

Smart search- and filter functions

Print and send files easily

GoBD-compliant archiving

How we automate your paperwork

1. Put all your documents, invoices and receipts into the Zeitgold Box.
2. Our courier picks up your paperwork every week.
3. We digitise, archive and automate all of your documents.
4. You can finish all open tasks easily and effortlessly from your phone.

Save time and nerves with Zeitgold!

Find out if Zeitgold can also digitise and automate your paperwork.