Document Archive

Document Archive

Zeitgold is your digital filing cabinet. We digitize and archive your documents and reconciles them with business transactions. In the app, you retrieve everything in a flash using the full-text search function.

Your benefits at a glance

Save time and space

Say goodbye to piles of folders! The app stores all your documents completely paper-free in the digital document archive.

GoBD-compliant and audit-ready

Zeitgold digitizes your documents and archives them in accordance with GoBD guidelines. You have nothing more to worry about.

Easier to manage than paper

Viewing, checking or printing documents – it’s all very easy with the app.

All your documents on demand

Your documents are available digitally at all times in your mobile document archive.

Experience the Document Archive

In this short video, you will learn all about the features of the Zeitgold document archive.

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Experience the
Document Archive

In this short video, you will learn all about the features of the Zeitgold document archive.

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This is how it works


Clear and well-structured

Perfectly organized: The document archive sorts your digitized documents clearly by date.

Smart filter and search function

Retrieve documents in seconds. Enter keywords via full-text search or use the smart filter function.

Print and forward documents

View your documents, print them or share them with employees directly from the app.

GoBD-compliant and audit-ready

The Zeitgold document archive is fully GoBD-compliant and is accepted by the financial authorities in case of a company audit.
Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

What Zeitgold offers

We collect all your documents including invoices, receipts and contracts, and then scan and process them within 24 hours. You will find all your documents in the Zeitgold app, where you can control and do all your paperwork with a finger tap. By digitizing and automating you save time and nerves.

Yes! An analysis with our customers shows that with Zeitgold they do up to 10 hours less paperwork per week. This is because we automate lengthy operations such as preparatory accounting and simplify other time-consuming operations such as cash journal and payroll.

From customer feedback we know that we are usually cheaper than their previous solution. Our service covers all areas of your paperwork. Since every company is different, we need information to create an individual offer for you – so you only pay for what you need. Use our questionnaire so we can create an offer tailored to your needs.

You can cancel our service at any time. In case of cancellation you will receive all physical originals as well as digital copies of your documents and we will organize the transfer to the new contact person.

Ready to experience Zeitgold?

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