Analyze your revenues, identify cost factors and manage your cash flow – the Zeitgold Insights web feature visualises your monthly data to give you a holistic overview of your company’s performance.

Your benefits

Understand your numbers

We give you an overview of all your financial numbers using easy to understand diagrams.

Easily optimize costs

Using real-time cost data, you intuitively identify unnecessary supplier spend and can adjust accordingly.

Better planning

With the detailed analysis of your business data, you always know how your company is performing and can forecast with more accuracy.

Smarter decisions

Having data which is both understandable and actionable enables you to make the best decisions for your business.

How it works

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Business performance

Analyze your variable costs and compare them with your income.

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See all receivables and payables in a compact cash flow table.

Supplier costs

Assess your costs based on supplier, raw material and inventory spend.

Web document archive

As in the mobile app, here you see and manage all your digitised documents easily from the web.

Why hundreds of business owners trust Zeitgold

Unser Angebot

We collect all your documents including invoices, receipts and contracts, and then scan and process them within 24 hours. You will find all your documents in the Zeitgold app, where you can control and do all your paperwork with a finger tap. By digitizing and automating you save time and nerves.

Yes! An analysis with our customers shows that with Zeitgold they do up to 10 hours less paperwork per week. This is because we automate lengthy operations such as preparatory accounting and simplify other time-consuming operations such as cash journal and payroll.

From customer feedback we know that we are usually cheaper than their previous solution. Our service covers all areas of your paperwork. Since every company is different, we need information to create an individual offer for you – so you only pay for what you need. Use our questionnaire so we can create an offer tailored to your needs.

You can cancel our service at any time. In case of cancellation you will receive all physical originals as well as digital copies of your documents and we will organize the transfer to the new contact person.

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