Payments & Liquidity

Zeitgold makes it easy to make intelligent business decisions. The payments list in the web app sorts incoming and outgoing invoices by due date and automatically reminds you to pay overdue items. The liquidity chart keeps you up-to-date on your cashflow situation and makes it easy to prioritize payments.

Your benefits at a glance

Make Better Decisions

Understand your business liquidity and make smarter payment decisions with our new integrated liquidity graph.

Better Overview

Zeitgold helps you make more prudent business payments by sorting all your incoming and outgoing payments. See what is upcoming and what is already overdue.

Never Copy Documents Again

Zeitgold digitizes and archives all your bills and receipts in compliance with GoBD. Access them at anytime in the digital document archive.

Save Time And Energy

You no longer have to log into online banking, find the invoice, copy the IBAN, and request a TAN number. Zeitgold does all that work for you, just press a button to pay an invoice.

Here’s how it works

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Keep Track Of Your Liquidity

The liquidity chart gives you a better sense of how your cash flow develops over time, separated by your different bank accounts.

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Cash Flow Overview

Zeitgold compiles all of your open incoming and outgoing cash flow streams in real-time so you get a better sense of how your liquidity will change in the future.

Up to date Payments List

Unpaid invoices are shown in the payments list and sorted by due date. To pay an invoice just click a button.

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