Tax Advisor Collaboration

Collaborate digitally with your tax advisor and gain comprehensive insights into the performance of your business. Zeitgold allows you to efficiently prepare your bookkeeping by explaining transactions with minimal effort. At the end of the month all your data is submitted to your tax advisor who then compiles a list of open items for you. Use the comment feature to clarify open items and close out the month on time.

Your benefits at a glance

Successful Collaboration

With Zeitgold you collaborate digitally with your tax advisor. This makes preparing the month end closing efficient and effortless.

Structured To-Do Lists

Your tax advisor will review your bookkeeping preparation monthly and provide you with a handy list of all open items. There is no more unnecessary stress as you know exactly what is still required of you to close out the month.

One Touch Solutions

Explain transactions, add documents, make payments, and send email reminders – all with just a few clicks.

All Transactions In One Place

You no longer need to go back and forth between all your folders to search for transactions. With Zeitgold all your transactions are tagged and organized in one place.

How it works


Efficient Month-End Closing Prep

Every month your tax advisor receives the document package that you’ve prepared using Zeitgold, including all linked transactions and comments. This routine makes closing the month more efficient than ever before.


To-Dos From Your Tax Advisor

Anything missing? After your tax advisor has reviewed your documents, they create a digital to-do list containing any open items. This list tells you exactly which information and documents your tax advisor needs to close out the month for you.

Communication In Context

Your tax advisor will ask you questions about individual business transactions directly via comments. Solve the tasks with a click or leave a reply. That way you always know what information, documents, and account transactions are involved.

Solve Tasks With Just A Few Clicks

Link documents, upload missing invoices, tag a transaction as a personal expense, or create a replacement receipt – all with just a few clicks.

What Zeitgold offers

We collect all your documents including invoices, receipts and contracts, and then scan and process them within 24 hours. You will find all your documents in the Zeitgold app, where you can control and do all your paperwork with a finger tap. By digitizing and automating you save time and nerves.

Yes! An analysis with our customers shows that with Zeitgold they do up to 10 hours less paperwork per week. This is because we automate lengthy operations such as preparatory accounting and simplify other time-consuming operations such as cash journal and payroll.

From customer feedback we know that we are usually cheaper than their previous solution. Our service covers all areas of your paperwork. Since every company is different, we need information to create an individual offer for you – so you only pay for what you need. Use our questionnaire so we can create an offer tailored to your needs.

You can cancel our service at any time. In case of cancellation you will receive all physical originals as well as digital copies of your documents and we will organize the transfer to the new contact person.

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