How Zeitgold works

How Zeitgold works

With Zeitgold you always have your documents on hand. Collaborate digitally with your tax advisor and optimize your business with the help of data. Here’s how it works in five steps.

1. Connect Zeitgold To Your Bank Accounts

Connect Zeitgold to your business bank accounts and get an instant overview of all of your transactions, categorized as revenues and expenses.

2. Conveniently Digitize Your Documents

Scan all incoming physical invoices in seconds using the Zeitgold mobile app. The intelligent scanning feature extracts all relevant data and allows you to pay open invoices immediately. You can also forward digital documents via email or upload them directly to the Zeitgold web app. Or you can let our scanning service take care of all your paperwork.

3. Prepare Your Bookkeeping

You can now simply prepare your bookkeeping for your tax advisor using Zeitgold. Zeitgold automatically matches most of your revenue and expense transactions with the respective documents. For all other transactions simply add the missing document, mark a transaction as a personal expense, or explain it to your tax advisor using the comment feature.

4. Finish The Month Stress Free

At the end of each month your tax advisor reviews the prepared bookkeeping for finalization. Any open issues can be added to a to-do list for you that you can solve directly in the app. Completing these tasks ensures that your VAT declaration is submitted to the financial authorities on time.

5. Lead Your Business To More Success

Analyze your revenues and identify cost drivers and trends early. Zeitgold visualizes your monthly data to give you a holistic and easy-to-understand overview of your company’s performance. Make better decisions together with your tax advisor and unlock your business potential.

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