Easy bookeeping
for all industries

Zeitgold is the all-in-one solution for your bookeeping preparation and financial management. It doesn’t matter if you are leading a small design agency, a mid-size restaurant or a large online store; with Zeitgold, you can get it all done quickly and easily.

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

As a restaurateur, you have a lot on your plate. Like most restaurant and café owners, you probably do your bookkeeping after the business closes in the evening or at the weekend.  With Zeitgold, you complete your office work digitally via app, in just a few minutes a day.


Satisfied customers and happy employees – what could be nicer? It’s very simple: The good feeling of having prepared your bookkeeping in a perfect manner. With Zeitgold you manage your finances via the app with no stress, and you give your full concentration to your business.

Agencies and Consultancies

Paying bills, preparing pitches – and doing the bookkeeping at the same time. When you run an agency, you have a lot of administrative tasks every day. Zeitgold automates your preparatory bookkeeping, saving you up to 10 hours a week. It’s quite easy. With just one app.


Proper bookkeeping is the alpha and omega for business owners. By recording your revenues and expenses, you keep your company’s finances and liquidity under control. This often means an awful lot of paperwork and time in the office after closing time. It used to be that way! Experience Zeitgold – the bookkeeping app for retailers.


Your daily business takes up all your time and energy – whether you are a baker, a butcher, a tailor or a building cleaner. And then communicating with customers, writing bills and sorting documents. With Zeitgold you control your bookkeeping digitally via app – clearly, well organized and in compliance with the tax authorities.

Zeitgold is the perfect solution for your company

Your industry isn’t listed here? No problem. Zeitgold is the perfect solution to as good as any industry. Sign up now and we will get back to you to see how Zeitgold can help you.