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Zeitgold for Agencies and Consultancies

Paying bills, preparing pitches – and doing the bookkeeping at the same time. When you run an agency or a consultancy, you have a lot of administrative tasks every day. Tackling the paperwork after closing time often pushes owners to their limits. Zeitgold automates your preparatory bookkeeping, saving you up to ten hours a week. Digitally, easily, securely.


Your bookkeeping – completely digital

With Zeitgold, you can prepare your bookkeeping in just one hour a week. You digitize and pay bills with a single click, and thanks to the automatic payment reminder you’ll never miss a deadline again. The bookkeeping is prepared automatically by linking your documents with transactions in your bank accounts. So you have everything fully under control and enough time to concentrate on the essentials: your customers.


All your documents – in only one app

What happens to all the paperwork? Simple: It goes into your Zeitgold app. You digitize all your physical business documents directly from the Zeitgold app or forward digital receipts via email. Then in the web app, you get a list of documents that still need additional information for your tax advisor, neatly sorted by due date. At the end of the month, Zeitgold passes all the documents and receipt data in full to your tax advisor, who then finalizes the month with no stress.


Why agencies and freelancers love Zeitgold?

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No stress with monthly closings

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All documents on hand at all times

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Perfect overview

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Organized and simple

Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

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