Zeitgold for Craftsmen

Your daily business takes up all your time and energy – whether you are a baker, a butcher, a tailor or a building cleaner. And then communicating with customers, writing bills and sorting documents. You do your bookkeeping in a state of exhaustion after closing time or on free afternoons. Say goodbye to the piles of paperwork and last-minute office work. With Zeitgold you control your bookkeeping digitally via app – clearly, well organized and in compliance with the tax authorities.

Bookkeeping with a few clicks

Sorting and archiving documents, paying bills – bookkeeping is an essential part of your work as a craftsman. With Zeitgold you can prepare your bookkeeping at the click of a button. You save up to 10 hours a week when you could be doing something much more important – or simply relaxing. The Zeitgold app automatically reminds you of deadlines and structures tasks for you in advance. And finally, you have a clear head.


Zeitgold – your digital partner

Thanks to Zeitgold all your documents are perfectly prepared for your tax advisor. Scan all your physical business documents directly from the app or forward digital documents via email. Zeitgold’s software automatically matches your documents with transactions in your bank accounts and tells you exactly what still needs to be prepared for your tax advisor to close out the month. You complete everything right there in the app. Simple, convenient, secure.

Why craftsmen love Zeitgold?

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No more red tape

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More time for the essentials

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Finances always under control

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Mobile and flexible

Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

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