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Satisfied customers and happy employees – what could be nicer? It’s very simple: The good feeling of having prepared your bookkeeping in a perfect manner. Proper bookkeeping helps you to keep on top of your finances – but it often means a lot of office work until late in the evening. With Zeitgold you control cash journal-keeping, bookkeeping preparation, and invoice payments via the app with no stress, and you give your full concentration to your business.


Everything in one app

Zeitgold makes your bookkeeping a lot easier. Whether you are the owner of a cosmetics, beauty or massage salon, the Zeitgold app saves you valuable time every day, which you can devote to more important matters: your company. You record cash movements with a few clicks, the app automatically produces final reports and with the payment function, you always have your finances under control. Preparing your bookkeeping has never been so stress-free.


Partner for your bookkeeping

Zeitgold digitizes and automates your paperwork. Just snap a photo of a physical document to digitize it or forward your digital receipts directly to the app. The smart software links business transactions with your account movements and automatically prepares the bookkeeping for your tax advisor, who finalizes the month efficiently and with no stress. All your documents are archived ready for audit, and in compliance with GoBD, and uploaded to your Zeitgold account. You can retrieve everything in your app and carry out tasks with a click.


Why salon owners love Zeitgold

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Everything under control

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Perfectly organized

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Save time, money and nerves

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No stress at the end of the month

Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

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