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Zeitgold for Restaurants, Cafés and Bars

As a restaurateur, you have a lot on your plate. Like most restaurant and café owners, you probably do your bookkeeping after the business closes in the evening or at the weekend. The cash journal needs to be properly kept, final reports prepared and documents scanned, as well as archived in compliance with GoBD. No more office work after closing time! With Zeitgold, you complete your office work digitally via app, in just a few minutes a day.

Perfect for restaurateurs – the Zeitgold app

Zeitgold is the bookkeeping app for restaurateurs. Whether a restaurant, a snack bar, a food truck or a café, owners of smaller enterprises can save loads of valuable time every day with the Zeitgold app. Record cash movements with a click, collaborate digitally with your tax advisor, and pay bills or wages directly from the app – all in a flash with Zeitgold. This is how bookkeeping is prepared today!


All your documents – in only one app

Thanks to Zeitgold all your documents are perfectly prepared for your tax advisor. Scan all your physical business documents directly from the app or forward digital documents via email. You can retrieve your receipts, invoices, and contracts from the digital archive of your Zeitgold account. Ready to hand at all times, and always with you. Zeitgold’s software automatically links your documents with transactions in your bank accounts and tells you precisely what still needs to be prepared for your tax advisor. You complete everything right there in the app. Simple, convenient, secure.


Why restaurateurs love Zeitgold

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More time for your guests

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No more red tape

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Less stress

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More flexible working

Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

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