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Proper bookkeeping is the alpha and omega for business owners. By recording your revenues and expenses, you keep your company’s finances and liquidity under control. This often means an awful lot of paperwork and time in the office after closing time. It used to be that way! Experience Zeitgold – the bookkeeping app for retailers.

More success for your business

Retail is becoming more and more digital – so why not your bookkeeping as well? Experience the future of bookkeeping with Zeitgold: Simple, secure and in only one app. Whether you are a car dealer, fashion boutique or florist, with Zeitgold, you prepare your bookkeeping securely for your tax advisor and you guide your business efficiently to even greater success. With the Zeitgold app, you record cash movements with a click, produce daily cash accounts automatically and find out straight away whether the sums balance. Leave all the paperwork behind and put your energies into what really matters: your company.


Your paperwork – digitized

Keeping the cash journal properly, sticking to payment deadlines, and preparing your bookkeeping for the tax authorities – what used to take you one or two full working days, can now be managed in just one hour a week with Zeitgold. With Zeitgold you digitize your business documents straight from the app and let the software reconcile them with your bank accounts. That way most of your bookkeeping is completely automated, leaving you with a short list of documents that need further information for your tax advisor. At the end of the month, your tax advisor receives all the documents and invoice data perfectly organized – and you sit back and relax.


Why retailers love Zeitgold?

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More time for your core business

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Finally a clear head

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Finances perfectly under control

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No chaos at the end of the month

Why hundreds of business owners love Zeitgold

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