Zeitgold –
Empowering those who dare

We are Zeitgold – nice to meet you!

Driven by meaning and care, we revolutionize the lives of tax advisors.

We're a German-Israeli company, whose solution saves tax advisors valuable time - so they can focus on what really matters.

Yes, we set a high bar, being one of us means never compromising and embracing challenges. But it also means that each and every one of us dares to transcend expectations and boundaries, and make a real difference, for real people.

For us, transparency at all levels is a fertile ground for growth and empowerment. We’re team players, our togetherness is what helps us win!

Zeitgold – Empowering those who dare.

We build our culture on 4 cornerstones

We deliver results

  • We do what we say and deliver
  • We are skilled craftsmen and women with a bias towards action
  • We disagree and commit when needed

We learn to grow

  • We have a growth mindset
  • We are humble
  • We lead from the side
  • We believe that feedback is a gift
Group 21

We are bold

  • We believe that greatness and comfort rarely coexist
  • We fight for simplicity
  • We have strong convictions, loosely held
  • We place big bets

We care deeply

  • We put our customers first in everything we do
  • We practice transparency
  • We win as a team, not as individuals
  • We treat each other as adults

How we hire

Our unique culture is the core of Zeitgold. That's why we invest in a highly selective hiring process to find the perfect match. Depending on the position, the processes vary slightly but all have similar elements. Four interview rounds may seem long to you, but rest assured, we can be extremely fast.


Applications are easy and fast – just upload your CV and, if you like, tell us why you want to become a Zeitgolder. Not sure where you could fit in? Send your application to jobs@zeitgold.com, we might just know the perfect match.

P&C Screening

After our People & Culture team has reviewed your application and checked for a fit with our teams, we arrange a phone screening with you. The goal of our call is to get to know each other and understand what you are looking for.

Phone Interview/Challenge

It is important to us that you get a good understanding of the job you are applying to. We ensure that either through a phone interview with the hiring manager or a challenge based on your future tasks.

Onsite 1

Welcome to our office! We believe it’s crucial that you see first-hand how we work and meet the team. Our competencies-based interviews and hiring panel help us to minimize unconscious bias and to identify future Zeitgolders who will thrive in our culture.

Onsite 2

You have made it to the final round! Two interviews are awaiting you: In our Culture Fit interview, we dig deeper into your values and beliefs. This is also your chance to understand Zeitgold better. Lastly, one of our founders will interview you and give you their perspective on Zeitgold’s vision.


Congratulations! You belong to the <5% of candidates to get a Zeitgold offer. We will give you detailed feedback on why we’d love to have you on board.

Now stay tuned for our exciting onboarding weeks!

Become a Zeitgolder​

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