Our clients

Thanks to Zeitgold we don’t need an office anymore – we have all our documents available on our phone whenever and wherever we need them.

Sebastian and Josita run the vegetarian bistro fuxx & bear located at the popular Mauerpark in Berlin. Instead of having all the invoices, receipts, and documents piled up at home, they are stored by Zeitgold and have them whenever and wherever ready on the phone. Documents such as the old lease, the supplier’s bill and the employee’s disability certificate are quickly found with the full-text search available on every document from the bistro.

Josita & Sebastian

Paying my employees and doing my cash journal while sitting on the bus is absolutely amazing.

In order to spend more time on new, creative marshmallow creations, Robert from Mellow Monkey does all his paperwork in the morning on his way to work. He has all the documents with him in the app and can directly and easily manage HR data, pay his employees and record cash journal transactions.


Zeitgold scans and organizes my paperwork so that I can get it all done easily step by step.

Thanks to Zeitgold, Sandra does all her paperwork quickly and easily via her smartphone. Zeitgold breaks all tasks down into small pieces that can be completed easily during quiet moments in the restaurant. Sandra finally has more time to take care of the really important things in her restaurant.


Zeitgold in the Press

“Für den Zeitgold-Nutzer bedeutet das am Ende nur noch wenige Klicks auf seinem Smartphone oder Tablet – und schon läuft die Buchhaltung.”

“Man legt außerdem Wert auf eine enge Kundenbeziehung. […] Man will seine Kunden weiter persönlich betreuen und im Zweifelsfall erklären können.”

“Das Start-up verspricht, von der Buchhaltung über Lohnabrechnung, Rechnungszahlung und Mahnwesen einen großen Teil der Finanzverwaltung abzunehmen.”

“Im Schnitt verbringen Kleinunternehmer pro Woche zwischen zehn und 15 Stunden mit Buchhaltung“ […] “Genau das will Zeitgold ändern.”

“Zeitgold sieht seine Aufgabe darin, alle Geschäftsvorgänge von kleineren Unternehmen zu digitalisieren. Damit soll den Inhabern eine Menge Arbeit abgenommen werden.”

“German startup Zeitgold wants to automate this pesky process so that you can spend more time on your actual business.”

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