Zeitgold for Tax Advisors

Collaborate digitally and efficiently with your clients using Zeitgold. Your clients use Zeitgold to digitize their documents. Zeitgold’s software then generates booking recommendations using AI technology and effortlessly sends them to your bookkeeping system. Create easy-to-solve tasks, reminders, and clarifications for your clients — all within the Zeitgold platform.


Harness the power of digitalization

Zeitgold brings all the benefits of digitalization to tax advisors. We digitize and automate the tedious preparatory bookkeeping for your clients using AI technology. Our system generates booking recommendations which you can then quickly approve. If any questions come up or documents are missing you can simply note this in your clients account. Your client then receives a digital to-do list which they are guided through, step-by-step, and can solve directly on their computer.


Focus on what really matters

Zeitgold saves tax advisors from having to do unnecessary manual work. We provide powerful digital tools that encourage your clients to have all their documents ready for a smooth monthly closing and our Zeitgold Insights tool displays all the relevant financial figures of your client. As a result, Zeitgold gives you time to focus on what really matters: more consulting and guidance for your clients to help them achieve success.


Why tax advisors love Zeitgold

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more time for client consulting

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smooth client communication

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consolidated documents in one place

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time-saving automated booking recommendations

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